All schools back to online learning

The government have recently announced that all schools are to now close to all pupils but those of key workers and then vulnerable once again. This news has left teachers, head teachers and parents little time to prepare and had caused chaos for many. Unlike the first lockdown, children are expected to do a lot more online learning which unfortunately does often fall back on parents and careers to oversee. Many parents, even if they are not classed as key workers are still having to try and work from home whilst also home schooling their child or children.

Not all schools are doing the online learning in the same way. Some schools are even doing different things for different year groups. It may be that the school decide to teach lessons through video calls or that they use an online app to send work to and from the students. Not all parents have enough devices for every child or they may not have access to the internet, so other options also have to be made available. As a parent, you may find that you struggle to help your child with their work. It may be worth asking other parents if they would be willing to allow their child to video call with yours and work together on some projects.