Could your child benefit from some private tutoring?

Private tutoring is great for all children as it gives them that one on one attention that they may not be able to get at school. It can help children who are struggling in class as well as children who may be feeling that they need to be pushed a bit more.

Private tutors are able to adapt each lesson to that individual child’s way of learning. This can make a huge difference as some children learn very differently to others but schools often do not have the time or resources to always accommodate this.

Before you choose a private tutor, be sure to get some reviews. Ideally use someone that has been recommended to you or that you know to be good. As a tutor, you do not have to have any formal qualifications, but often the ones with experience of teaching or who have worked in an industry linked to the subjects they teach can be beneficial. The cost of a private tutor can vary depending on where you are and their experience. It may also vary depending on the age of your child. The cost is usually around £25 to £40 per hour.