Is now the time for private tutoring?

With many students having experienced massive disruptions to their education this year, parents are beginning to worry what impact this may have on them later on down the line. This is especially true for those may be doing exams this year or who feel they may have fallen behind and are struggling to catch up again.

Private tutors are in high demand at the moment, although some of them may not be able to work one and one with you or your child at present they can still offer online learning through video calls. A private tutor will have the time to be able to understand what areas you or your child are struggling and tailor the sessions to suit. This one on one way of working can mean that a pupil learns a lot faster and in more depth than in a classroom situation. Although schools should be set up to provide work to children who are having to isolate at home, parents may find it tricky to be able to assist them as much as they need. This is another instance where private tutoring may be the perfect solution.  

Although private tutoring is not cheap, it can have magnificent results especially during these uncertain times.