Reasons to Consider Supply Teaching in Bedford

Supply teaching in Bedford is not just something to bridge the gap for teachers who want a new position, or for those who are hoping to retire soon. Supply teaching can, in fact, be a very good career prospect in many ways for a huge range of teaching professionals. Why? It offers flexibility, variety and good rates of pay, and it can help with career progression and marking out a path for your future in teaching. Should you want to become a teacher, or if you are already working as a teacher, you should spend some time thinking about whether supply teaching could be right for you, in either the short or long term.

Teachers often choose supply teaching in Bedford because of the flexibility it will give them to pursue other interests outside of work, choose the teaching positions that suit them and the choice that it gives them every single day. By not being locked into a permanent position, teachers can have more freedom in their day to day lives, something that can help to prevent burnout in what is a high stress career choice. Some teachers don’t want to teach every term because they may choose to travel or to take some time out. Others are just looking for a slightly slower pace. Some may be upskilling themselves by taking a masters degree in teaching or in their specialist subject, or they may be working towards other qualifications. Whatever the reasons might be, flexibility is valued by a lot of Bedford based teachers.

Do you crave variety in your career as a teacher? If so, supply teaching in Bedford could be for you. As a supply teacher, you may spend your days in different schools or you may choose to teach somewhere for a term, or perhaps for a week or two. It is up to you which positions you want to take on, and for how long. You can actually become a better, more well rounded teacher by teaching in different schools and colleges, seeing how various departments do things and manage their lessons. They will all have different approaches to the curriculum and it may be surprising how much you can learn, even as an experienced teacher.

If you find that in fact, as a teacher, you are looking for a better rate of pay for your work, then this could be something you are able to achieve through supply teaching. You will often get your supply teaching work through an agency and when this is the case, the agency will generally be able to offer you good rates of pay. As with any teaching work, the rate of pay will largely depend on your experience and the position you take on, but it can pay better to be a supply teacher in Bedford than to take on a full time job in a school, especially if you are quite junior or a newly qualified teacher. Ask supply teaching agencies about their rates so you can understand what levels of pay you might be able to achieve by becoming a Bedford-based supply teacher.