Schools set to return 8th March

The government have confirmed that all school students will be retuning to the classrooms from the 8th March. This is great news for parents and teachers, many of who have been concerned about the amount of education children have been missing out in. During this last lockdown, more pressure has been put on parents and students to complete school work from home, but this doesn’t mean every child has had the same level of education they would of had they of been in school.

It is likely to take some time for many students to get back in to school life again and it is likely that to start with, social distancing will remain in place. Many students are already used to this way of working from the times they have returned to school over the past 12 months. Hopefully over the coming months, more and more restrictions can be gradually lifted with it likely that normal school life, without social distancing will reassume when they return in September. It has not been decided as of yet whether the 6 week summer holiday will be shorted or not, but there is likely to be summer school catch up lessons ran though-out the holidays for those that have fallen forest behind.