Ever thought about starting up your own tutoring business?

Some parents feel anxious about their child’s progress at school and feel at a loss when trying to support them educationally. Often, these parents will seek the help of a private tutor to provide extra lessons for their child in the hope that learning on a one to one basis will help their child to progress more quickly.

If you have the relevant qualifications and experience to carry out this role and are thinking that this may be a good business opportunity there are a few things to consider.

Are you going to offer subject specific tutoring or general support? It is advisable if possible, to have contact with the child’s school and discuss, with the parents’ consent any areas that the child is struggling with.

Resources that are used need to be good quality and up to date with current teaching methods. The internet is a valuable tool in this respect as there is a whole range of material available to download.

Lessons will need to be planned carefully taking into consideration the age of the child, level that they are working at and timing. The younger the child the more varied activities will need to be as attention span in younger children will be shorter.

It is a good idea to have a reward system in place which can be built into the lessons as a regular feature as this is a fantastic motivator to learning for the majority of children.