Should schools ditch their Christmas performances?

At this time of the year many schools in the run up to Christmas organise some type of performance that parents and carers are invited to attend. This may be a carol concert or may be a full blown theatrical production where pupils have to learn their lines and songs after returning to school after the half term break. Some schools are taking the decision to scale down these productions as they argue that pupils should not be spending valuable learning time on such things but are they a waste of time or do they actually have some educational value?

For the less academic children in the school the opportunity to shine and show other talents in a performance is not only good for their self esteem but also raises their regard amongst their peers. It is often heard that famous actors say that they were not very good at school and so who knows what talent may be under the surface waiting for the opportunity to show itself.

The skills that are needed to put on a performance either on the stage or behind the scenes are varied and have great value for instance, being able to project their voice so that the audience can here clearly and singing in front of an audience requires a lot of confidence which some children will not have the opportunity to try unless they take part in a school Christmas production.