Have children missed out more than just their education at school?

Over the past 12 months, lockdown due to the Covid Pandemic has meant that millions of children have missed out on a large chunk of the academic year.

Teachers, parents and carers across the country are aware of the impact this may have had on children’s education, but there may also be a bigger impact on other parts of their lives. For lots of children, school isn’t just a place to go and learn it is a place to socialise with friends and adults and for them to be able to express themselves. Often many children find their confidence once they start school an lad learn how to share and work with others. These skills are very important life skills and often it is hard to be able to progress through school life without learning these skills at a young age.

If the child was supposed to be going on a school trip or maybe it was their last year and they were supposed to be having a prom, all of this has had to be cancelled leaving children feeling very disappointed. Young children especially, may not fully understand why they cannot do something and feel like they are being punished. Schools are working hard to try and give pupils as much normality as possible and something for them to look forward to.