How school will be different in September?

The government have confirmed that at present they are still hoping to lift all social distancing restrictions from the 19th July. This will essentially mean that school bubbles will be no more and school life can return to some sort of normality. Although some schools don’t break up until after 19th July, it is unlikely that any changes will be made so close to the end of term. Teachers and head teachers will be working hard over the summer to try and find a way of working which allows for as much normality as possible but some schools may still try and keep some measures in place such as hand washing and possibly even reducing unneeded social contact between year groups and teachers.  

Because it has been so long since these restrictions were first introduced it is likely that some children will find it hard to adjust back. For the children that only started school last September, this is all they will have ever known so it will be totally new for them. We do need to bear in mind that come the winter months, some restrictions could be introduced again so it is important that schools stay prepared and have procedures in place should this happen or should there be an outbreak at school.