Is the education system broken?

During the pandemic, we have come to realise exactly how crucial schools, colleges and nurseries are to the lives of parents and pupils. Throughout this pandemic, although education has been disrupted, many people have pushed for education to be put first and have seen it as one of if not the most important thing to try and get back to normality.

The NEU (Nation Education Union) has worked harder than ever thought the pandemic to try and ensure that education can continue whilst looking after the safety of the pupils and also the staff. They have more members than ever now and have some great connections with politicians as well as head teachers.  The workload and stress that has been placed on teachers and support staff over the pandemic has been enormous and they have had to go above and beyond, having to put themselves at risk at times, to keep the education system going. Despite all of this, many teachers feel let down and disappointed that they have not been taken seriously or financially rewarded for the extra work they have had to put in. Many have had to be teaching in a classroom and then also managing home working too.