Questions to Ask When you are Offered a Job

When you are offered a new job, it’s an exciting time. There will be lots of questions going through your head and you will probably be looking forward to the challenges of a new step forward in your career. You need to be careful before diving headfirst into a new job, though. Here are some questions you should think about asking before starting any new job:

  • Salary. You may have had discussions about salary but make sure you have the details about salary written down. You are making a big decision to move jobs and you need to know you will be getting what you expect.
  • Benefits. Be clear about the extra benefits you will get with your job. Is there a pension? Are there extracurricular activities where you can participate?
  • Job description. All too often, people have been mis-sold jobs. Ask for a job description and make sure you ask any questions you might need to.