Should Young Children Be Given Smart Phones and Tablets?

Giving young children smart phones or tablets is a pretty controversial issue, and most people can recognise that there are positives and negatives with both options.

Smart phones and tablets have a lot to offer; after all, they give people access to the internet, and therefore information, at the touch of a button. The big benefit of this fact is that young students can get access to information which could help them learn stuff, but on the other side of things the internet can also become a significant distraction, and that’s not even mentioning the possibility of them accessing information that is unsuitable for them.

We’ve seen that in recent years, as the internet has become more important in our daily lives, the amount of learning resources which can be accessed through the internet has multiplied numerous times, both for paid and unpaid resources, and this trend is only likely to continue. Denying young students access to these resources rather than just limiting what they can use their devices for, could be seen as short sighted.