What is the world of teaching like at the moment?

With the world being turned upside down this year, teachers have not had it easy. Whilst many of us were furloughed or working from home, teachers had to sacrifice their holidays to carry on teaching children of the key workers. Often teachers can have quite a highly stressful job anyway so this did put extra pressure on them as they also then had to start planning work to be done at home for many of the children who were not able to come back to school.

Many of their previous lesson plans may have become useless as everything had to try and be done with as little contact as possible. Teachers are not only trying to ensure that their pupils still get a good level of education and are also safe at school but also that they can protect themselves and their families whilst still doing their job.

With most year groups now back at school unless they are told to isolate, the pressure has been lifted in some ways but there is still a huge amount of catching up to do. There is talk that exams will be a little more lenient next year to compensate for the missed time but teachers are still having to ensure that each topic is covered as it should be.