Helping Students to Achieve Good Exam Results

It’s important that the students you teach achieve well in their exams. This will reflect well on you as a teacher, and it will ensure that they can do what they want to do in the future. It’s always upsetting when pupils don’t do as well as they’d hoped, so here are some tips for helping them to achieve well:

  • Give them revision techniques. It’s easy to forget when you teach all day, every day that some students don’t really know how to revise. Give them tips and tricks to use.
  • Offer revision sessions. This will give you extra time to go over what you need to.
  • Give them practice papers to complete. This will teach them the invaluable skill of completing work in exam conditions.
  • Set them relevant homework. Make sure it is set out in a way that tests their thinking and makes them work independently.
  • Practice questions as a class. Go over how you might tackle a question in an exam to give them to tool to deal with it.