Submitting Your CV to a Job Agency

If you’re looking for a new job in teaching, a recruitment agency can help you enormously. They can really streamline the process and help you to find positions that are right for you. In order to register, they might require you to submit your latest CV to detail all of your experience to date. Here are some things to remember when getting your CV up to date as a teacher:

  • Don’t be shy. Emphasise all of the experience that you have and everything you are capable of.
  • Give examples. Think of situations where you have shone and make sure they feature on your CV.
  • Be accurate. Don’t be lazy with details. Make sure that everything you write is correct, including dates of qualifications and all positions held.
  • Be succinct. A CV should only really be 2 pages long at the most. Don’t include old or irrelevant positions – only use the ones which best show off your abilities.
  • Ask someone to proofread it first. You often won’t spot your own mistakes, so ask someone to help out.

Submitting your CV is your first test with the recruitment agency. Don’t fall at the first hurdle. Show them what you are truly capable of.