How to Get Onto a Teacher Training Course

Getting into teaching can be daunting because there are so many different options available, and so many ways to enter into the career. Teacher training courses are becoming increasingly popular and competitive, so you need to know what to do to stand out.

Different teacher training courses will have different entry requirements, so it’s worth checking what is expected of you before considering your application. If you have a particular institution in mind, you can check their website or get in touch with them directly for more information. Some institutions will offer admissions events which you can attend to get a feel for the course and find out further details.

You can study to become a teacher at different stages of your career. There are programmes which incorporate teacher training and an undergraduate degree all in one, and programmes for people who have already completed a first degree. You might also be able to study part time, or as a mature student – check what’s available at different institutions.

Teaching requires lots of practical skills in the classroom, so any hands-on experience you can get will be very useful. See if you can find some work experience with children and young adults – look for volunteering placements or part time work where you can build up a strong portfolio of skills. Having a full resume and lots of relevant experience will strengthen your teaching application.