Working in Adult Education and Teaching

The market for adult education is vast, and there are lots of teaching opportunities in this sector if you want to work with adults. It can open up a wide range of options for you within your teaching career because working hours are often more flexible. You can often find work as an adult educator which is part time, so you can work several different jobs at once, or take on a few extra hours to suit other careers or studies.

There are adult education qualifications available which are a useful way into the field, but as the requirements for different positions vary so much, the qualifications you need will depend entirely on an individual role. Some companies may want educators to work in their education departments, in which case a knowledge of the field may be deemed more important than having a formal qualification.

However, for many of the employment opportunities around, you will need a qualification, and it would certainly be advantageous if you want to keep your options open. Qualifications can be gained from a number of institutions – distance learning/ online versions are available as well. This allows you to study flexibly, in your own time and at your own pace. Some of the places where you could make use of your adult educator qualification include, colleges, universities, language schools, other private vocational schools, outreach departments and community training projects.