Networking to Improve your Teaching Career Prospects

Networking might sound like something that is limited to the business sector. Wrong. Networking can be beneficial in any career path, and teaching is no exception. It’s all to do with the way in which you are perceived, and you can open up many opportunities for yourself if you do it well.

Make sure that you catch up with your colleagues on a regular basis. Talk to the people in your department and find out how everything is going on for them. This will show that you are interested and engaged in your role, as well as helping you to find out more about your department and the bigger picture.

Networking with seniors is also important. Even if it is just asking somebody about their weekend, it will all reflect positively on you. People will remember you as being pleasant and personable. They might even be more likely to think of you if new job opportunities come up where you could be promoted into a more senior teaching position.