Deciding which secondary school your child should attend

Many parents are having to take their children around different secondary school settings to help decide where their child should attend next September. This can be a nerve wrecking time for many parents and also students as the school they chose may be the place they stay at for several years and where they can obtain a great education. It may be that there is only one school within your catchment area which means that not only may you not be offered a place that that school even if you apply but that you also may have to pay for transport to that school which can be in excess of £800 a year if not more if having to arrange your own private transport.

When making your decision as to which school to choose, be sure to have a look at the Ofsted report as this will allow you to see how well the school performs in a number of areas. It will look at what education value the school offers to a pupil, what grades students have achieved in previous years and how and nourishing the setting is for them to grow. This is important as it can have an effect on the child’s mental health if the setting does not offer the right level of support when needed.