Getting the most out of parents evening

Parents evening can be a tricky thing when you have children at either a primary school or secondary school level, and it’s very normal to feel a bit nervous before chatting with your children’s teacher. Most of us have anxious memories of our own parent’s evening waiting to see what the teacher might tell our parents. But really parents evening is a chance for a catch up to reconnect with your child’s learning and help to understand what level they are working at. Post covid most schools are still conducting parents evening remotely, either over the phone or on a video call. This could be quite handy for the teachers as it allows them to whittle through their list a lot quicker than a face-to-face meeting usually takes. However, for parents it can feel a little rushed and disconnected with most telephone appointments only lasting about 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s best to do a bit of prep before the phone call and maybe write down any questions or concerns you may have so that you remember to bring them up in the conversation.

Just remember, if you feel unsure about anything you could always email your child’s teacher after the meeting so that you can ask anything you may have forgotten during the telephone call.