What’s More Important – the School or its Location?

Getting a work life balance that works for you is important to any teacher. In this busy, highly pressurised career, it can be a difficult balance to achieve. Working in a location that is right for you is a very good starting point, allowing you to find a rewarding career that also gives you the time off you need to recharge and unwind.

There is a balance though, and choosing to work in a school simply because it is closer to home is not always going to be the right decision for your career. You might want to check out the schools that are nearby to see if any of them would suit you. If you choose a school based on location alone though, you might find there are behavioural issues, and the school might not have a good reputation as one that supports its teachers. Of course, look local, there’s no reason not to. But it is also important that you weigh up the other pros and cons of a teaching environment.