Should children have to do catch up lessons?

With many children heading back to school over the next couple of weeks, it feels like maybe we are starting to get back to some sort of normality. Many teachers and parents have expressed how happy they are to have the children back in school and that finally they can start to carry on with their studies. During the latest lockdown, parents were asked to do a lot more with their children in terms of education work. Many schools set full days of work for children to do at home and often younger children still required their parents help with this.

Some children will have fallen behind, missing out on almost a whole school year of teaching and even if they have been doing some work at home, it is likely that it will not of been as effective as if they had been in school.

The government are now looking at ways in which they can help students catch up and these could include extending the school day, shortening holidays or running summer schools. Not all parents and teachers agree with this as they feel that children have missed out on such a huge part of their social life too which is very important.