Working as a Supply Teacher in Bedford

Not that many teachers will consider supply teaching at first, which is a real shame, because it is a career path that has a lot to offer teachers at all stages of their professional development. Supply teaching in Bedford is a popular career path to choose, though, thanks to the increasing popularity of Bedford as a place to live. Great transport links, good places to live, lots of history, lovely countryside and, of course, very good schools, make this an appealing place for people to come and work as teachers.

When teachers move to a new area, this might be one reason to start supply teaching, even if it is not something that they have done previously and they have always held permanent teaching posts in schools. Getting to know a new area is made all the more tricky by not knowing the schools, the kinds of places you might want to work, and also the general geography of the area. It always takes some time to get to know a new area but as a teacher, you are committing to a long-term career path when you start working in a school. Generally, you will work in the same school for at the very least a year or two, and often more, and it isn’t the kind of career where people will move around as freely. For these reasons, you want to be sure about the school you choose to work in, and supply teaching can be a very good option. It will give you the chance to work in different schools, get to know them, the other teaching staff and the pupils, and work out if their values are similar to yours as a teacher. By working in this way, you are making no long-term commitments and will instead be able to take your time, and find a job that will be right for you, at a time that is right for you.

Not every supply teacher will want to work this way temporarily. It can give you a real sense of freedom to be able to choose which schools you work in, and when, so going back to a permanent teaching position may become less appealing after working in this way. Lots of people who move to a new area do so because they want a new way of life, and they want more time to enjoy the local area, and spending time with family and friends – there is a lot more to life than work of course. You may well find that supply teaching suits you because you want to explore Bedford, settle into the area, spend time with family, meet new people, and change the pace of life for yourself. In this respect, supply teaching will provide you with a great platform for doing all of these things and living your life in a different, more relaxed way.

There is every reason to try supply teaching in Bedford – if you don’t love it, you can get a full time position, with better knowledge of the area and schools. And if you do love it, you’ve found yourself a wonderful new career path.